How to choose the best medicare plan

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Selecting the Right Medicare Plan You desire Medicare coverage that fits the method you live and helps you achieve your health goals. With the ideal instructions, choosing your Medicare plan can be very easy. Ask us to assist you in finding the coverage that fulfills your total health requirements. Summary: In a nutshell, below are some tips for choosing the best Medicare Supplement (Medigap) to prepare for your needs. Comprehend your coverage requirements and budget plan Register throughout the Medigap Open Enrollment Period Explore any potential discounts Know when you [...]

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

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When to Apply for Medicare There are numerous times to enroll in Medicare, and each of those times has specific guidelines around applying and when coverage will begin. Comprehending when to enroll and the best time to do so is an essential part of getting Medicare. Preliminary Enrollment Period The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is the first time to sign up for Medicare and sign up with Parts A, B, C, and D throughout this time: 3 months before 65th birthday, Birthday month, and 3 months after the birthday. Coverage [...]

Medicare and Vision Coverage

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If you're a Medicare beneficiary trying to find Medicare coverage of routine eye exams or glasses, don't want Original Medicare, Part A, and Part B, for these advantages in many scenarios. Original Medicare doesn't cover routine vision care. Medicare Part A Medicare Part A covers vision care just when the vision condition is thought about a medical problem - as in a medical emergency condition or terrible injury when the beneficiary must be accepted to the hospital. Medicare Part A does not cover regular vision tests and eye refractions. Medicare [...]

Can I still enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan F, or is it going away? If so, what are my options?

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This has been one of the main topic discussions between agents and Medicare beneficiaries in 2020. According to legislation from the 2015 Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), insurance companies would no longer be able to offer Medicare Supplement plans F and C starting on January 1st of 2020. Does that mean that beneficiaries can no longer enroll in those plans? The answer is yes, and no! Before we answer that question, let us talk a little more in-depth about Medicare Supplement part F. Besides being one of the [...]

Why Medicare Beneficiaries Need a Licensed Agent?

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Medicare is notoriously complicated, so we heard from some of our clients. Some of them used to work in healthcare admin themselves, but that does not prevent them from drowning in the complexity that is Medicare. It is not just keeping tabs on your deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and enrollment periods; for new Medicare beneficiaries, now you have the new job of understanding your Part A, Part B, Part D, and supplemental insurance. Sure, more and more seniors now are internet savvy and are empowered to do their research online. This [...]

Does Medicare Cover Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty?

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Typically, Medicare does not cover plastic surgeries such as eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty; however, let's enter into the little subject dipper. Eyes, this is the very first thing that individuals take notice of in a discussion. A bright appearance, lovely shapes will bring in attention. Sadly, for numerous factors, the skin in the eye location might lose its previous beauty. One in 3 seniors, by the age of 65, have some vision-impairing eye condition. While eye issues and eye illness end up being more widespread with age, lots of can [...]

Prescription Drug Coverage for Medicare recipients

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Among the most crucial, delicate, and more significantly made complex ways about Medicare in primary has to do with prescription drug coverage. Now, to start with, Original Medicare does not cover prescription drugs! How is it covered then? Original Medicare will cover drugs that are administered by a physician at a medical center, for instance, chemotherapy drugs, intravenous drug treatments, and numerous others. However, when it involves prescription drug coverage, it gets a lot more information and complicated, and our task as representatives is not just assisted customers comprehend how [...]

Medicare when you are turning 65, where to start?

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We strongly recommend starting Medicare planning at least three months before turning 65, so you have time to apply for Medicare Parts A and B, get together all necessary information you need for social security administration, and start to shopping around for the right plan.  When it comes to Medicare, each situation is unique, so one senior situation is different from another senior. So, who is eligible for Medicare? Us citizen or permanent resident for 5 for at least five continues years or more is eligible for Medicare, Medicare is [...]

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) and Medicare

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Founded in 1884, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is the world's oldest and most significant private cancer center. For more than a century, Memorial Sloan Kettering doctors, researchers, nurses, and staff have been united by a relentless dedication to one purpose: conquering cancer. MSK is rated as one of the top cancer clinics in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report. The close collaboration between MSK's doctors and researchers is one of its biggest strengths—ensuring that medications and therapies developed in the lab can be moved quickly [...]

Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage: 4 Point Guide

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The #1 question we get from clients new to Medicare or retiring, and are looking at options for secondary insurance is, what is the difference between a Medicare supplement (aka Medigap policy) and a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan (aka Part C) plan? Minor differences will exist in each regional market, but here we will discuss the general pros and cons of Medicare supplements vs. Medicare Advantage plans. Network With Medicare supplements, you generally have greater freedom with choosing your doctors, hospitals, or facilities. When you get Medicare Supplement Plan, [...]

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