A Medicare insurance broker is an independent broker who serves various providers so that they can work to give you an objective viewpoint on your Medicare plan choices. Several insurers designate them to find the ideal suitable for you plan rather than press on one provider. Your Medicare broker can examine all of the options offered and search for a plan that most carefully fits your individual needs and budget plan.

The great news is that Medicare brokers make money from the insurance provider they represent. You pay precisely the same rate for your insurance if you use a Medicare expert (broker). There is no extra fee or expense for enrolling through a broker.

This suggests you pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for our aid.

Below are the Benefits of Dealing with a Medicare Insurance Broker

  • The rates you spend on your insurance are precisely the same.
  • Agents have collected information about insurance carriers that you may not have access to, such as rate patterns.
  • Just Independent Medicare insurance agents like us can use a range of plans, so there is no bias when we suggest which Medigap, Medicare Advantage, or Part D drug plan is best for you.

We assist with billing errors. We guide our customers through writing Medicare appeals. We strive to help you fix pharmacy exceptions when you can’t get your medication. We can translate interactions that you receive from Medicare or your insurer that you don’t understand. While every circumstance is various, and we can’t guarantee results, we have solved thousands of these circumstances for our customers in the 10 years that we have been assisting Medicare beneficiaries.

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