Medicare agents aren’t allowed to:

Representatives and Agents can assist you in learning more about Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans.


Before you talk to the agent:

1. The agent must get your permission to perform in person and must show the plan alternatives you wish to go over.

2. The agent can not pertain to your home without an appointment.

Representatives representing Medicare agents are not allowed to:

  • Ask for your private information (like your Medicare number, Social Security number, bank account, or credit/debit card numbers) over the phone unless it’s needed to verify membership, identify registration eligibility, or procedure an enrollment demand.
  • Come to your house unwanted to sell or endorse anything.
  • Call you unless you’re currently a member of the plan. If you’re a member, the agent who assisted you to join can call you.
  • Ask you to talk to a sales representative to get information about the plan.
  • Offer you money (or gifts worth more than $15) to join their plan or offer you complimentary meals throughout a marketing ploy for a Medicare health or drug plan.
  • Ask you to make payment over the phone or online. The plan should send you a bill.
  • Tell you that there are Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) plans.
  • Sell you a non-health-related item, like an annuity or life insurance coverage policy, during a marketing ploy for a Medicare health or drug plan.
  • Make a consultation to tell you about their plan unless you agree. Throughout the consultation, they can only attempt to offer you the items you accepted hear about.
  • Speak with you about their plan in areas where you get health care like a test room, healthcare facility patient space, or a drug store counter.
  • Market their plans or register you throughout an educational event like a health fair or conference.

The state should license independent agents and representatives offering plans, and the plan must tell the state which agents are selling their plans.

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