Medicare agents Brooklyn. Rules for Medicare plans. Guidelines for the conversation with an agent

If you decided to meet with an agent, the agent should follow all the Medicare plans guidelines and some particular discussion rules with you.

Throughout the appointment, Medicare plans and agents who deal with Medicare can:

  • Offer you plan materials.
  • Inform you about the plan options and how to get more plan details.
  • Provide you a registration form.
  • Gather your finished enrollment kind.
  • Leave organization cards for you to offer to loved ones.

During the conversation, Medicare plans and agents who work with Medicare can’t:

  • Process a fee to make your enrollment into a plan.
  • Guide you into a particular plan.
  • Communicate inaccurate information about their plan type or improper usage declarations like their plan is “the very best” or “greatest ranked.”
  • Tell you about other plan choices you have not accepted discuss, unless you particularly inquire about them (to discuss these alternatives, you require to finish a different visit form).
  • Demand you to join their plan by saying things like, “you need to join this plan, or you won’t have protection next year.”
  • Ask you to offer names and phone numbers or addresses so they can sell to your pals or household.
  • Make you signing the enrollment form before you’re ready to sign up with.

After the discussion:

  • The agent will call you to make sure you want to sign up, with which you comprehend how the plan works.
  • The agent who assisted you in joining the plan can contact you to talk about other plan alternatives.

Extra rules for agents offering Medicare Private-Fee-For-Service (PFFS) Plans. Representatives offering Medicare PFFS Plans should:

  • Provide you composed information with a complete description of how the plan works.
  • Make clear that there’s no assurance that your medical professional or health center will consent to accept the plan’s conditions or provide you with treatment if you join the plan.
  • Send you a letter if they are not able to reach you by phone with directions on disenrolling from the plan if you change your mind.
  • Have people readily available to address any questions from you, your physician, or other companies about the plan.

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