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Our local, licensed Medicare insurance agents are here to assist you in finding the best insurance plan that meets your needs and spending plan.

Contrast shopping between healthcare strategies, such as Medigap versus Medicare Advantage, can be rather complicated.

When it concerns considering your Medicare choices, you can spend many hours doing your research, or you can talk to a local, licensed agent in First Manhattan Financial. Your agent will compare your options to discover the coverage that’s right for you at a cost that fits your spending plan. All at no expense and no commitment to you. With a First Manhattan Financial agent, you get the benefit of great counsel in addition to terrific choices.

The business that agrees with Medicare to supply health care coverage or prescription drugs typically uses agents/brokers to sell their Medicare plans to Medicare beneficiaries. Often these agents/brokers are employees of the contracting business. In other scenarios, the companies employ independent agents/brokers who are not workers to sell their Medicare plans.

Typically, agents/brokers get an initial payment in the very first year of the policy (or when there is an “unlike plan type” enrollment modification) and half as much for years two (2) and beyond if the member remains enrolled in the plan or make a “like plan type” enrollment modification.

Agents/brokers should be licensed in the State in which they do business. Each year, they have the training, pass a test on their knowledge of Medicare and health and prescription drug strategies, and follow all Medicare marketing guidelines. Agents/brokers undergo rigorous oversight by their contracted health or drug strategies and face the threat of loss of licensure with their State and termination with their contracted health or drug plans if they do not abide by stringent guidelines associated with selling to and enrolling Medicare beneficiaries in Medicare plans.

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