Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities are a good investment for those looking for a safe, tax-advantaged way to earn a guaranteed return on retirement savings needed soon.
A fixed annuity (MYGA) is a tax-deferred retirement savings vehicle that provides fixed asset accumulation, much like a CD.
The interest earned in your fixed annuity is not taxed until withdrawn, and your principal is guaranteed.

Guaranteed, Strong Return

The money you invest in a fixed annuity will accumulate at a fixed rate, which is specified upfront and guaranteed for the entire contract. Fixed annuities generally offer higher rates than CDs with the same contract length.

  • Tax-Deferred Growth
    From the government’s perspective, an annuity is a retirement savings vehicle. As such, it receives similar tax treatment as IRAs: no taxes are paid until distributions are made. For a fixed annuity, this means that interest will accumulate and compound without incurring annual taxes, as is the case for a CD.
  • Principal Protection
    Unlike with most other investments, there is no market risk associated with a fixed annuity. Your principal is protected and guaranteed to accumulate at a fixed rate, making MYGAs a good place to park money you’ll need in the near future.
  • Some Liquidity
    Fixed annuities provide some liquidity, typically making 10% of the contract’s cash value available penalty-free annually if you’re over 59½.
  • Simple & Easy to Understand
    There are a lot of complex products, but a fixed annuity is one of the simple ones. Assuming you leave your money in the fixed annuity until maturity, all you need to know is (1) how long until your money is available and (2) what your return will be over that period. There are no hidden fees that you need to worry about.

How Can I Buy a Fixed Annuity?

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